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An Exclusive offer for Requesting a Caplinked Quote

When you request a data room quote using the form on this page for an upcoming mandate, as a token of our appreciation we will send you a $50 Uber Eats or Grub Hub gift card.


 Visit our main website to learn more about Caplinked

Why Choose Caplinked?

We don't expect you to choose a data room because you may get a gift card. You should choose Caplinked because it's an easier to use, better priced platform giving you all of the tools and functionality you need, and expect. Caplinked has been serving boutique firms to the largest consultants and investment banks for over a decade. See why we've become the fastest growing data room available today. 

  • Load & Launch your data room in less than 30-minutes

  • Robust Individual or Group Level Q&A 

  • EZ-Insights Activity Dashboard

  • Drag and Drop Uploading

  • Simple, Error Free Permission Setting

  • Includes 5GB of Data Hosting

  • No SURPRISE Invoices

  • Plans include 10 Administrators and Unlimited Users

  • An hour of training or setup assistance

  • All for under $400 per month

If you have questions or would like to schedule a demo, please email 

Get a Data Room Quote

EZ Insights Activity Dashboard

Provides a visual overview of data room activity for groups, users, and files. Zoom in for specific details on what's happening in your workspace. 

CLICK HERE for a video walkthrough

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Drag & Drop Uploading

With Caplinked you can drag and drop all of your folders and files in at once, one at a time, or anything in between. 

Your time is valuable. Setting up a data room should take minutes, not hours.

Simple Permission Settings

Simple permission settings help administrators grant error-free access for uploading, downloading, and viewing. 

You can also duplicate another group's settings to save time and ensure accuracy. 

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