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Over time we've sourced and posted a variety of financial models and other resources on LinkedIn. In some cases, these items have been requested by a thousand or more contacts and business professionals. We hope you'll find value in some of this content as well. 

Don't forget to check back in the future as we'll continue to add more items.

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NEW - May 2023 - 65 Decks

65 deck examples from 20 top investment banks – a plethora of resources compiled by Alexander Jarvis.

7,500 requests - 1,400,000 Views - 2,200 Reactions

Complete PE Model

How PE investors evaluate companies & make high-quality investment decisions.

5,800 requests - 1.27 Million Views - 2,500 Reactions

Spotify IPO Valuation Model

Too many IPOs wildly undervalue or overvalue the stock, but Spotify seems to have got the valuation just right. This is what makes the company's IPO valuation model such a find.

1,500 requests - 319,000 Views - 900 Reactions

PE Returns Model

Here is an Excel Model Template in order to build your own private equity model, which includes various internal rate of return paraments, which, in return, can be used to analyze the returns on private equity investments.

200 requests - 106,000 Views - 200 Reactions

PE Distribution Waterfall

This template will help you define capital gains allocations between participants and help delineate the distribution to limited and general partners all in one centralized documents for easy access.

600 requests - 85,000 Views - 160 Reactions

ROI Financial Model

 Investors: use the template to work out if your investment will bring the desired returns.
CEOs/founders: study the template to understand how to value your business and attract investors.

600 requests - 52,000 Views - 225 Reactions

Complex LBO Model

For investors looking to buy out a company. Use this Complex LBO Model to determine the price of the target and the worth of the investment. Evaluate the transaction and realize the highest possible risk-adjusted internal rate of return

1,200 requests - 210,000 Views - 390 Reactions

Discounted Cash Flow Model

A great resource to evaluate companies that don't have data on historical performance, such as startups in the (pre)seed phase!

1,400 requests - 165,000 Views - 500 Reactions

VC Valuation Method

This is how VCs evaluate companies & make high-quality investment decisions. Use this model to calculate a startup's present and future value at the investment stage - assuming it will undertake an IPO at some point in the future.

2,500 requests - 415,000 Views - 1,000 Reactions

Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Are you struggling to make investment decisions or contemplating whether a current investment is worth it?
Calculating WACC is a great way to solve your problem!

1,100 requests - 147,000 Views - 600 Reactions

Due Diligence Template + Gantt Chart

Investors, keep track of the DD process and reduce your risk!
Inadequate due diligence is one of the top 10 reasons why M&A deals fail.
And while you cannot eliminate investment uncertainty, conducting a thorough DD analysis will significantly reduce your risk.

200 requests - 16,000 Views - 84 Reactions

DCF Valuation Model Including Tesla Data

If analysts are confident in their assumptions, discounted cash flow models are among the most comprehensive tools to determine the value of an investment. (Researchgate)
Here’s a fully editable DCF model for investors to:
Gain a better understanding of a firm’s potential.
Determine the value of an investment based on its future cash flows.
Compare the worst-, base-, and best-case scenarios by tweaking input variables.

This model works best for mature companies.

340 requests - 43,000 Views - 180 Reactions

S&P 500 Valuation Model [TEMPLATE]

Compute the intrinsic value of the S&P 500 to estimate the stock market's performance and identify investment opportunities.
The model includes:
Earnings and growth.
Buyback and dividend computation.
Implied ERP since 1960.
Historical ERP since 1928.

175 requests - 20,000 Views - 100 Reactions

Dividend Discount Models [3 TEMPLATES]

How to calculate the present value of future dividend payments to see whether a stock is under- or overvalued. The Gordon Growth Model is one of the most popular and straightforward variants of the Dividend Discount Model. BUT it assumes that dividend grows at a constant rate — which is not the case for all companies. To find the right model for YOUR investment, we're sharing a great resource.

160 requests - 31,000 Views - 110 Reactions

Financial Projections Model for Business Plans
Alibaba IPO Financial Model
Walmart Sensitivity Analysis Template
Financial Projections Workbook Template
VC's Resource - 6 VC Methods for Startups
Startup Options Valuation by Financing Stage for Investors
Financial Projections Template - Historic Model, 3-Yr Forecast, Break Even Analysis
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