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“EZ Insights” Gives Dealmakers Actionable Information

Our new analytics tool empowers dealmakers with critical information about what’s happening in their virtual data rooms. In the video below you'll witness the power of Caplinked, and see how EZ Insights can give you the edge, and help you close more deals faster. 

See the Video Walk Through Here:

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File Level Insights

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File Activity View

Groups are ranked in order based on activity metrics allowing administrators to see which are most active. From this view administrators can zoom into each group to see which files are being accessed most often. Within each group viewing details are shown for time viewed, number of views, and how many files have been downloaded assuming you have granted users with download permissions.  

User Level Insights

EZ Insights User View v3.png

User Activity View

In this view administrators will see each user within the ranked groups, and an event count will be used to rank those users in order of most active to least active.

Monitoring user activity will provide valuable insight during such events as raising capital, asset sales, IPOs, and much more. When you have accurate data at your fingertips, you can better determine the next steps or communication you may participate in with your invited users. As an example, your outreach to a potential investor that has viewed most if not all of your documents, and has spent hours doing it, will be different than the outreach to those who may have viewed only a small segment of the provided content.

EZ Insights puts you in the driver's seat by helping you gauge and better understand, user intent. 

"Caplinked is all we use"

"We started using Caplinked in 2020 and moved away from the more expensive alternatives. It was giving us everything we needed before, but the new Insights Dashboard makes it's a no brainer at this point and Caplinked is all we use"


Sr. Associate - Investment Banking

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